About ireland

 After three weeks here, I can say it‘s a beautiful country. There are lots of animals and the people are very friendly und polite here. 

The food is very creative and tasty here and also expensive.

Restaurants in Kilkenny I could recommend would be Paris Texas, the Rive Gauche and Langtons.

Here are also some bars I could recommend, like Langtons, Louis Backyard and the Blue Bar.

I‘ve also seen a lot of the scenery here.

I‘ve done an excursion to the cliffs and the beach. It‘s very beautiful and you need to be there once in a lifetime.

There are also cities I‘ve visited. Thomastown, Dublin and Waterford.

Dublin is of course a must. The other cities are very beautiful and help draw an exact picture of Ireland.

To summarize, It‘s been a very interesting experience to work and live here for three weeks. 

Thanks for being here, it will always be a memory.