My Host Family

Currently I am on a 3-week internship in Ireland. During these three weeks I am living with a host family in Kilkenny. They are a really lovely family, which consists of Sheila and Niall as our host parents and 4 children. The oldest child is Eoghan and he is 12 years old. Clodagh, the only girl, is 10, Daragh is 6 and the youngest, Brían, is 3 years old.

They don‘t live that far away from my work placement, so they lent me a bicycle which I use every day to go to work or into the city to meet friends.

Every morning they prepare a packed lunch for us with sandwiches, fruits and some sweets. Also, they cook dinner in the evening and we sit together with the whole family and talk about how our day was. I am really grateful for them being my host family.

There is also another student living with me in the host family. Beatrice and myself have separate rooms, I have a bed where I have to climb up first before I can go to sleep. Beatrice has a bathroom connected with her room, which I am allowed to use as well.

Eoghan and Clodagh love playing cards with us and are interested in German music. Daragh and Brían mostly jump on the trampoline or watch TV when they come home from school.

All in all, Iam really blessed that I got such a great host family I am allowed to live with with Beatrice!