My work placement in Springhill Court Hotel

During the three weeks in Ireland I worked in the Springhill Court Hotel in Kilkenny. Before we actually came to Kilkenny, we had to upload our wishes of the areas we wanted to work in, but in the end we were given different areas we are currently working in.

I had the wish of either working at a bar or in the kitchen, but the area I was sent to was service. That was a first bad impression I got, but after 2 weeks of working at Springhill Court, it isn’t as bad as expected. My shift is from 9 am to 5 pm and for the first 3-4 hours I help with breakfast. First of all, the guests have to wait to be seated, so I check their room number and bring them to a free table. After that I ask if they would like to have some tea or coffee, which I then bring them.

But my main task is to clear the tables and set them up again afterwards.

At 12 o‘clock I usually have my break, where I eat the packed lunch my host family made for me in the morning and smoke. After my break I mostly don’t exactly know where I am helping out until my supervisor tells me. On my first day, I helped in the Paddock Bar, which offers lunch to get from the buffet and where I just clear the tables and bring them drinks if required. Sometimes there are special events I help with, for example a funeral lunch in our ballroom. If there is no event they need me for or they don’t need me in the Paddock Bar, I am in the coffee shop where I make coffees the guests ordered or bring them the food we have on the menu.

These are my tasks I do every day I am working. I am off each Tuesday and Wednesday, where I go out with friends in Kilkenny or we go on trips with the whole group.

All in all I am really glad of working at Springhill Court Hotel and I like my colleagues, which helped me very much in the first few days and I spend my breaks with them.