Now I‘m going to tell you something about my experience living in Ireland for three weeks.

We arrived in Dublin on the first of June 2019. My first impression was that it doesn’t look that different from Germany, but when you get to know the people living in Ireland especially those who live in Kilkenny, you will notice that it’s not similar to Germany. The people living here are different to Germans! When you meet them they will say “hello how are you?” I think it’s a sign of respect and kindness to the other person.

People in Kilkenny often goto pubs after work, so we did too! My favourite pub in Kilkenny is named “Langtons”. We often met there and we celebrated the Jass’ birthday there.

In the pubs we talked about our day and our host families. We always drank Irish cider.

We also had some day trips. On our free days we went to Dublin and visited the Guiness factory, that was quiet impressive but definitely not my favourite type of beer. Afterwards we went into Dublin, we had some time for ourselves, we ate some fish and chips and went to the shopping mall.

We did a day trip to Waterford as well and to the cliffs near Waterford were the oldest lighthouse in the world is. It was a very nice trip, the sun was shining and everyone was in a good mood!

To sum up I would say that we’ve had a beautiful and impressive time in Ireland!