My first time in Ireland

Have you ever been to Ireland before? Well, I haven’t, so that‘s why I was very exited about our three week trip to Kilkenny, Ireland. It was an offer of our school, a hotel management college in Germany, in cooperation with the Erasmus+ Language Exchange program, and with beautiful coasts and endless green fields in my mind, I took the chance and participated.

And for real, when we arrived in Ireland and were driven by bus from Dublin Airport to our destination Kilkenny, we were able to see this evergreen landscape even though it was late in the evening, and it was as amazing as I imagined. The green fields can be seen everywhere, no matter where you are driving to, so I could see with my own eyes why Ireland is called the green island.

And we were also able to see the coast when we made an excursion to the Hook Head Light House in Churchtown, the oldest still working light house in the world. The view there was really stunning.

Hook Head lighthouse, Churchtown

But also the towns itself are worth visiting: For me, Irish towns have their own special flair with small shops and bars all along the roads and everything is painted in bright colors. And the houses fit perfectly in that picture – even if the house itself is grey, it has at least a blue, red or yellow door, and even the smallest house has a well-kept tiny garden. This is really not comparable to German cities.

River Nore, Kilkenny

But besides the landscape and the buildings, there is one big point thats really strange- at least at the beginning- for every German: it‘s the fact that you drive on the left side in Ireland. What seems normal to Irish and English people, just felt like the whole world is upside down for me. I can‘t count all the times I accidentally went to the false side of the car or walked on the wrong side of the street – although I have to say, that you get used to it. (Back to Germany, driving on the right side will be a strange feeling again for sure.)

These are just a few impressions I got from my short trip to Ireland, but they are also the reasons why I think Ireland is really worth visiting and why I will come back here for sure.