My host family by Babsi

During our stay in Kilkenny, Ireland, we lived in different host families. My „family“ consists of Helen and her dog Sky, but that‘s more than enough.

Helen is a very lovely and warm woman. When I arrived in Ireland she showed us the town and the places where we could spend our evenings. And when we went in her house, I got a warm welcome by her dog Sky, who is still excited every time she sees me.

Helen really took good care of me. She always drove me to work and even back home whenever her work allowed her. She used to cook dinner whenever she had time and always made sure that I had enough to eat and drink.

And I really enjoyed the evenings when we were just sitting down and talking about everything, about living in Ireland and in Germany, the plans for the week, etc. She loves talking about her children and grandchildren, and she really has many of them. Another thing she really loves is music. The radio is on like almost all the time, even when she’s gone out (because she forgot to switch it off :)); the first thing she does in the morning is turn it on, and the last thing in the evening is switching it off.

It was so nice to be with her and Sky and it was a pleasure for me to meet such a friendly and warm person.

If I should come back to Ireland once again, I’ll for sure knock on her door to say hello to her and Sky.