Mount Juliet Estate

The Mount Juliet Estate is a 5-star Hotel. It’s situated in a little town next to Kilkenny , called Thomastown. The hotel is very beautiful and has huge gardens with a huge golf resort. They have two houses. “The Manor House” and The “Haunter’s Yard”. Both are very luxurious and look really nice. Niko and I were both in Mount Juliet and we also had the shifts together. Unfortunately, we did a lot of polishing for weddings. Most of the time, we had to polish cutlery or glasses. After breakfast, Niko and I often did the napkins in order to avoid the cutlery. The staff working at Mount Juliet were really nice. But they sort of used us for doing the dirty/unpleasant work.

It was a nice experience working there. I did not like the food for the staff very much. And I think that the staff toilets could do with some cleaning. But in the end it was okay working there for 3 weeks. Niko and I were always working together, which was really nice. I don’t think that I would go there again for work, more for holidays.