The start and the end of a new story

Our journey began at 10 o’clockon the 1st June in Bad Reichenhall. We drove to Munich and there we got on the plane to Dublin. I’m scared of flying because I don’t have control over the doors and that my life depends on the pilot. In Dublin we met Con, he was really friendly and we drove to a hotel to get to know each other and to learn all the rules. After that we drove to Kilkenny and met our HF at 10 o’clock pm ( more about my host family in my other blog). After 3 wonderful weeks I’m really happy to fly back to Germany because I missed my own bed. But I said already I’m scared of flying so it won’t be a comfortable flight. When I’m back in Germany I’m going to sleep for a few hours and relax this weekend, so that I am motivated for the last week of school.